Are You Under-Paying For Your Gym Membership?

We know what you are probably saying to yourself as you read this, “Under-paying? Heck no, if anything I am over-paying for my gym membership, are you guys crazy?” Well we aren’t crazy we just think a little differently here at Wingman Fitness.

With so many physical benefits that come with that membership card, we tend to overlook all of the other benefits that also come with it. The gym is a temple for the mind so to speak. There are so many stress relieving benefits that aren’t realized. Yes you may feel good when you are done with your workout, but are you consciously aware of why?

Here are some of the benefits:

Distraction! Going hard in the gym (We assume you go hard, if not, yeah you know the saying… Go home!) can take your mind off of your problems and either refocus them toward your workouts or even better get you into a zen-like state.

Stress-Hormones and Exercise! Going hard in the gym can decrease ‘stress hormones’ such as cortisol, and in turn increase endorphins, which are your body’s ‘dam I feel good’ chemicals, supplying your mood with a natural charge.

Increased health! Yes we all know it, stress can cause illness. So with that said, going hard in the gym can improve your overall health and keep you on this planet a little longer. On top of that in the short run it can strengthen your immunity to colds, that awful flu, and other illnesses.

Darn I look good! If you think about it closely confidence can be looked at as the opposite of stress. And where does this confidence come from? Well if you stay committed with that little membership card and those exercise machines you will start to notice a change in your body as well. And when you see those results, guess what? You will feel good about yourself, in turn reducing stress.

Stress who? Oh now you don’t know what stress is? Sounds like you have been “going hard” in the gym (Yes we are going to coin that phrase ours). Research shows that “going hard” in the gym may be associated with lower physiological reactivity toward stress. In other words, those who “go hard” may be less affected by that annoying little word called stress.

So yes now is the time to pull out that gym membership card and give it a little kiss. Better hope those gym owners don’t start marketing that idea and try to charge you a little more for that nifty little card.

Okay ladies and gents, with your new profound knowledge on the other benefits of the gym, go in, go hard and tackle those problems causing you stress.

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